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Multiple Car Fires 7101 Bristol Pike

FIREPOLICE   Box:10022 address: 7-11 SHOP ,25 at 7101 BRISTOL PIKE ,25 between: EDGELY AVE & RANDALL AVE SE SECTOR Text: ,,SHUT JUG HANGLE DOWN BECAUSE OF CAR FIRES 03/30/17  23:14:07 FD1704463 Run: FP13 FP11 FP12 FP82 FP14 Assist Station 10 and 25 PD with traffic control at multiple vehicle fires Levittown Now Article  2,816 total views,  2 views today

 2,816 total views,  2 views today

Assist 25 PD with Traffic Control 7900 Bristol Pike

All available Bristol Township Fire Police were requested to assist 25 PD with traffic control at 7900 Bristol Pike FIRE POLICE Box:10-32 Address: 7900 BRISTOL PIKE , 25 PD– LOWER BUCKS JOINT MUNICIPAL AUTHORITY  between: HAINES RD & TULLY BORO LINE 12/05/14 07:30:51  FD1418744 Run: FP10 FP11 FP12 FP13 FP14 FP82  1,536 total views,  1 views today

 1,536 total views,  1 views today