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Siano Viewing & Funeral

A big thanks to all the fire police who worked the Siano funeral detail:   F/p 66, 21-4,95-3,52,51-4,95-2,95-5,0,52-1,31-2,31-8,21-7,32,32-12,30,30-2,30-4,32-07 On Thursday night detail   F/p 66,66-1,26-13,30-4,30-2,30,21-4,26-1,52,51-4,52-1,51-5,0,07,19,21-5,95-3,95-4  Friday Morning Detail.     As the President of Bristol Twp. Fire Police I thank all fire police for a job well done!                                Howard M McGoldrick                                Goldyfp14  1,375 total views

 1,375 total views