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About Us

The Bristol Borough and Bristol Twp. fire police were one group that was started in the late 1950s . In the 1960s the organization separated with Bristol Township Fire Police Association taking in members of Edgely, Croydon, Newportville, Levittown, and Third District fire companies.

Today 28 members operate two Traffic Control Units one owned by Bristol Township and one owned by Croydon Fire Company.  Traffic 11 and Traffic 225 are equipped with generators, barricades, lights and other traffic control equipment.

The fire police respond with the fire departments they belong to, but also respond when the police department requests them or whenever dispatched by Bucks County Communications Center.  The main purpose is traffic control and crowd control at fire calls, motor vehicle crashes or assisting the police with special events.

The Bristol Twp. Fire Police attend in house training on the second Wednesday of each month except July & August. This training is at the hosting fire company for the month. We rotate meetings & training location at each fire company and the Bristol Twp. Municipal Bldg each month.

The Bristol Twp. Fire Police also attend Bucks County Certified Training programs through out the year. The Bristol Twp. Fire Police pride themselves in being well trained!

All new Fire policemen must take the Basic Fire Police course before they can direct traffic on the Streets of Bristol Twp. This is a requirement by the Bristol Twp. Police Department.

Speaking of the Police Dept.

We have a new liaison officer between the fire police and the police dept. He is Sgt Gaffney. Welcome to our Group Sgt.

Our former Liaison officer has left the Police dept. And now is an instructor at the Bucks County Tech. School on Wister Rd. Good luck Kim!




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