Resource Files

Fire Police Resource Files courtesy of: Randy J Rice


Fire Police Self Evaluation

NFPA 1091


Resource Files Pa Fireman Logo

Pennsylvania Fireman Articles






PA_Firemen_Article_June_2013 P

A_Firemen_Article_July_2013 P


PA_Fireman_Article   September_2013


Resource Files Workers Compensation Logo

Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Laws (Fire Police)

Fire Police Workers Comp-June12

Fire Police Workers Comp-Aug12

Fire Police Workers Comp-Sept12


Resource Files State Fire Police Certification

Laws Concerning Fire Police

Title 35 – Fire Police Law

Title 35 – Subchapter D – Special Fire Police

Health And Safety – Title 35 PA

Title 75 – 3327

Title 75 – 3325

Title 75 – 3102 – 3105 – 3321





Good Samaritan Law – PA

Fire Police Authority-Jan13

Fire Police Immunity-Nov 12

Fire Police Red-Blue Lig-Oct12

Blue-Red Light Laws – Simplified

Red & Blue Light Pamphlet


Resource Files ANSI

ANSI Information

Traffic Cone General Info

High Visibility Traffic Vests for Fire and Emergency Responders

High-Visibility Vests_

High-Visibility_Vests_Guidance for FD Compliance_2009_revision

Fire Service Use Of High Visibility Safety Vests Q & A v2_2l

Model Vest SOP

Vest Push Card 9-3-2008

3M ANSI Info


ANSI 207-Federal-Highway-Standard

ANSI 207-107vs207

Federal Highway Administration Final Rule Visibility 11242006


fhwa fina lrule 1124 2006

Guidance for FD Compliance_2009_revision



Fire Police Line of Duty Death

Fire Police Dave Wintz Bristol Pa 2012 Line of Duty Death


Rothville FP Death

Miller Niosh Report

FP Woolrich hit

Fire Police Officer Dies In Crash

Fire Police Deaths Rpt – On Duty

Fire Police Death 1 – PA

Fire Police Death 2 – NJ

Fire Police Death 3 – PA




Resources Traffic Control Sign

Traffic Control

Emergency Responder Highway Safety White Paper

Emergency Responders TrafficManagement Guidelines-

Federal Highway Letter _

ATSSA_Maintenance WZ Safety

Traffic Cone General Info

 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)

Pa Supplement to MUTCD

Publication 213 “Temporary Traffic Control Guidelines

PA Steer Clear Law

US Map of States with Move Over Laws as of January 29 2009











P3_Traffic Control

Traffic Control 

Traffic control safety checklist

SOP SOG For Your Fire Department Safe Positioning While Operating or Near Moving Traffic

Developing Traffic Control Assistant Training Programs

2012 Temp Traffic Control


Drivers Manual

Drivers Manual Chapter_2

Drivers Manual Chapter_4

justic scales


Court Cases 

Glik v Boston 

Miseo v Ross Twp Police

Pettineo v Philadelphia

MISEO v Ross Twp Police

Michigan v Tyler


SOP Warehouse Activity

Fire Police SOPs

SOP SOG For Your Fire Department Safe Positioning While Operating or Near Moving Traffic

Pine Grove Fire Police – Standard Operating Procedures

New 2007 WCFDSOP

Developing Standard Operating Guidelines_1

7-6 SOP










Hazardous Materials

NIOSH Pocket Guide 05 Version

ERG 2012









Advanced Fire Poice-handout -DEC 2013

ICS Pryamid of Training

Bucks County PSTC Classes

BCCC – Local Level Course App

Introduction To Fire Police Online Class


Hi Visibility Vest








PPE Hi Visibility

CJCS Pocket Card 5260 Individual Protective Measures

Federal Rule On High Visibility Garments

High VisTraffic Vests for Fire and Emergency Responders

Model Vest SOP

Vest Push Card 9-3-2008


Risk Verus Reward










Risk Management


Composite Risk Management FM 5-19

FM 5-19 composite risk management

ICS 215a








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