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Assist 25 PD with Traffic Control Route 13 @ Turn Pike Ramp

FIRE POLICE  Box:10-14 Address: North Bound Route 13 at the  PA Turn Pike Ramp  Text: TRAFFIC CONTROL/OVERTURNED TRACTOR TRAILER 09/14/15 14:17:24 FD1513679 Run: FP14 FP11 FP13 FP12 FP82 All available Bristol Township Fire Police Respond to North Bound Route 13 at the  PA Turn Pike Ramp for traffic control at an overturned tractor trailer  1,806 total views

 1,806 total views

Assist 25 PD Motorcycle Accident

FPOL Box: 11-21 address: SUNRISE DINER ,25 at 416 Route 13 ,25 between:CLOVER AV & HILLCREST AV Text: TRAFFIC CONTROL AT  A MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT 07/25/15 18:13:33 FD1511217 Run: FP11 FP12 FP13 FP14 Assist 25 PD with traffic control at the scene of a motorcycle accident at 416 Route 13  2,060 total views

 2,060 total views